Prosperity Principle #5: Invest in You First

On Monday, February 6, 2023, the day after Super Bowl LVII, I saw a headline that stopped me in my tracks. I learned that 50 MILLION Americans bet $16 BILLION on the 2023 Super Bowl. That’s $320 per person on average. 50 MILLION Americans BET on a CHANCE — everything from scores to the flavor … Read More

Prosperity Principle #4: New Teacher. New Paradigm.  

How does a corporate executive who grew up in a traditional educational system learn how to prosper from a meat and seafood salesman hawking frozen food door-to-door?   That’s cognitive dissonance at play.   What should happen, what’s logical, is this. I BUY meat and seafood from a door-to-door salesman. If I know the man, trust him … Read More

No Prosperity Plan? 11 Principles You Can Use Today to Get You There.

Do you like the word, “PROSPERITY?” I do. Webster defines prosperity as the condition of being successful or thriving. What I like about that definition and the idea of “prosperity” is that YOU define what being successful or thriving means for you. For example, for one person prosperity could mean a satisfying career full of … Read More

4Cs Change Framework: Making Your Change Communications Work, Work

Creating Transformational Change Communications Programs That Work: A Fresh Approach for Emerging Leaders Did you know? In the world of big business, a startling truth emerging communications leaders face is 70% of all change programs fail. These failed programs cost businesses millions of dollars in lost time, money, and productivity. The difference between those programs … Read More

Prosperity Principle #3: Write. Recite. Repeat.

“Write. Recite. Repeat” Prosperity Principle #1 talks about the importance of having a clear direction or purpose you wish to pursue. Prosperity Principle #2 breaks down how important it is to first set your mind and your thoughts to what’s important to you. Before anything can come into being, it first must be a clear … Read More

Prosperity Principle #1: Desire Drives You to Your Destination

“Desire Drives You to Your Destination” Everyone has a purpose. Having clarity around what that is, what you desire, is what drives you every day. What’s interesting – and sad even — is many people aren’t clear about what they want or why they have been put on this Earth. Some haven’t ever really thought … Read More