The Calming Force of Faith, Hope, and Charity

Every now and again, I feel overwhelmed. 😟 I bet many of you do, too.

Whether at work or home, life tends to pile up its share of challenges, problems, and setbacks. We all face these. And, we all have different ways of dealing with them. Here’s a glimpse into what I do.

Quick context. I recently saw an ad for a heart pendant that stopped me mid-scroll. It reminded me of one my mother gave me when I was a little girl, representing faith, hope, and charity. (The image is a similar one generated using CoPilot.)

When I was growing up and had to deal with situations that felt overwhelming, I would hold this pendant in my hand and gently rub it.

The calming feeling helped me quiet my thoughts and find answers. I would also pray for help, an early practice of meditation I suppose. 🧘‍♀️

FAITH. In the 1947 film “Miracle on 34th Street,” Maureen O’Hara tells her daughter, who does not believe in Santa Claus because she did not get the thing she asked for, for Christmas … yet, that “faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to.” For me faith is believing that the overwhelming feeling I have is indeed surmountable. It helps to have faith in God, in others, and in myself, that I will get through it.

HOPE. This is one of my all-time favorite four-letter words. Just saying it out loud gives me a feeling of looking forward to the promise of good things to come. It reminds me that no matter what is happening right now, the situation will pass.

🤝 CHARITY. When you are helping someone else, your focus is outward, not inward. Putting your time, hands, hearts, and treasures toward others takes the attention off of you. When I put my focus on someone else, it helps me get past what I am dealing with because it gives me perspective; my problem is often minor compared to what the other person is dealing with.

✝ Faith. ⚓ Hope. 🤝 Charity.

Embracing these virtues has helped me enjoy a successful career and prosperous life. That’s why they are embedded in the principles related to “Caring,” one of the 4Cs in the change framework I speak about and consult on. Let’s talk about how I can help you better manage change at work or in your life.

Regardless of your religious affiliation, or even if you don’t have any, when you’re troubled, calling on the virtues of faith, hope, and charity could help. I doubt doing so would hurt.

My HOPE is that you will indulge in CHARITY and share this message in good FAITH with others.

To your prosperity!

About the Author:  Mary Lou Panzano

Mary Lou Panzano retired after 42 years in corporate America to pursue her purpose in life:  help people prosper, personally, professionally, and financially. As Founder and CEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer) of Panzano Enterprises, LLC, Mary Lou focuses on helping:

  • Professional communicators prosper. Whether it’s students studying communications, or junior-, mid-career, or senior communicators, Mary Lou provides coaching services to help them be even better at what they do.
  • Anyone looking to prosper in their lives. As a student of millionaires and leaders in their fields, Mary Lou shares how she applied principles of prosperity she learned to achieve millionaire status and a lifestyle of freedom, peace, and prosperity, with those looking to do the same.
  • Home-business owners prosper. Mary Lou offers home business opportunities and services such as leads, training, discount apps, and digital library systems that help businesses prosper.

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