Hi! I’m Mary Lou.

Mary Lou Panzano is an admired leader, speaker, educator, coach, and author of the Principles of Prosperity series.  

After a varied and successful career of 40 years working in global companies such as Prudential, Pfizer and Bayer, Mary Lou retired early as Vice President, Internal Communications.

She left behind a successful 6-figure executive level position to pursue a life-long dream: teach people how to be their best selves.   

Her passion now is to share with others lessons she’s learned over decades as a female leader who struggled as a young adult to fit in. See Mary Lou’s story featured in WomenLEAD magazine.

Drawing on her experiences, challenges, setbacks, and wins, Mary Lou enlightens her audiences and clients by sharing her proprietary 4Cs Change Framework and principles of prosperity that drove her success.   

Through her coaching, speaking, workshops, blogs, and educational forums, Mary Lou reveals how she used the 4Cs Change Framework and principles to overcome obstacles, take charge of her life, and break free to do what she loves most with those she loves most.

Working with Mary Lou, you will learn how you can change your career and life for the better, unlock your limitless potential, and become more prosperous personally, professionally, and financially. 

When not helping people prosper, Mary Lou serves as President of the Board of Directors of Morris Habitat for Humanity, lectors at church, and volunteers in her community. She is a loving wife, mothering caregiver to their German Shepard, Bruno, stepmother to two adult children, and a new grandma.  

A life-long resident of the great Garden State of New Jersey, Mary Lou enjoys cooking, entertaining, traveling, reading, singing, dancing, teaching, quiet days at the beach, and giving back.  

I help emerging leaders make change work so they can prosper in their careers and life.

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