The Calming Force of Faith, Hope, and Charity

Every now and again, I feel overwhelmed. 😟 I bet many of you do, too. Whether at work or home, life tends to pile up its share of challenges, problems, and setbacks. We all face these. And, we all have different ways of dealing with them. Here’s a glimpse into what I do. Quick context. … Read More

Advice from a polar bear, sea turtle, penguin and glacier

Mama Said, “Don’t Mess with Mother Nature.”

It’s the middle of February 2024! It’s already six weeks into the new year. Like many other people, perhaps you planned to start anew, turn over a new leaf, make promises you think you’d like to keep, and change things you’ve been wanting to change to become your better self. Also known as New Year’s … Read More

Life Not Wonderful? George’s 4Cs Secret Revealed.

There are movies I can watch a hundred times over and still not tire of the story it tells, the emotions I feel, or the life lessons it conveys. “It’s a Wonderful Life,” is one of those films for me. Traditionally, I watch it every year as I decorate our Christmas tree. While watching it … Read More

Asked to Give Advice? Don’t Feed. Give Food for Thought.

When you’re looking for advice, would you have rather have someone tell you what to do? Or would you prefer that they give you things to think about so you can decide for yourself? There’s a nuance here that’s worth breaking down and an approach worth sharing – an approach my mom taught me. Quick … Read More

The Wizard of Change

When Larry Prince, CEO, Prince Leadership, used a well-known and beloved movie to talk about leadership at a workshop he led recently, it made me realize that the topic I speak about and teach has deep roots and lasting relevance. The movie he mentioned was first released in 1939 and adapted from a book written … Read More

Prosperity Principle #11: Bury the Words, “I Can’t”

Tombstone. The word conjures up thoughts of death and finality, symbolized typically by the end of someone’s life. For me, it represents a new beginning. Huh? It means burying the limiting beliefs that keep you from doing what you want, from getting everything out of life you desire and deserve. He’s my story of how … Read More

Prosperity Principle #10:  “Act As If and Go As Though”

When you were a kid, I bet you used to pretend a lot. You pretended you were a doctor and played the game “Operation.” You pretended to be a millionaire as you gobbled up all the properties playing “Monopoly.” You pretended to be a wizard, like Harry Potter, or a gymnast or baseball player. You … Read More

Prosperity Principle #9: Say “Yes” When it Matters Most

How do you progress in life and your chosen field or career? Say, YES. Be a YES person. Without fail, every time I said YES to something I thought could help me become better at who I am and what I do, good things happened to me. I went the extra mile, did the work, … Read More

Prosperity Principle #8: “How You Make Them Feel Makes YOU”

I remember these moments vividly. The day the President of a company I worked for said to me, “Mary Lou, you’re better than you think you are.” The day I opened a small package that arrived at my house from a colleague I worked with. In it was a small note that said, “Just a … Read More

Prosperity Principle #7:  “Giving More Gets You More”

The power of giving cannot be underestimated. Give away love, get lots of love back. Give away money, more $ comes back to you. Give away stuff, and it makes room for more and better things to come to into your life. P.S. Teach your kids to give away their toys and games so they … Read More