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Because of my unique experience, I offer speaking engagements covering two main areas on change tailored to how to make change work for you at work and in your life. You’ll find descriptions below, which can be adapted for your needs.

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View segments in this video from recent talks, both live and virtual.

“In your career and in your life, change will be going on all the time. How you handle it matters.”

You can also listen to a podcast where I share ingredients to success related to clarity of purpose: Make Change Work for You with Guest Mary Lou Panzano – Stay on Course Podcast – YouTube

Making Change Work for You

I guide emerging leaders through a change framework that creates and sustains career success. Drawing on 40 years of success in corporate America and in life, through storytelling, engaging listeners and humor, attendees learn how I applied Principles of Prosperity to change my life. Founded on those principles and using my proprietary 4Cs Change Framework, attendees come away with new paradigms to think about, principles to apply, and practical tips on how they can begin to unlock their full potential and prosper. 

Making Change Communications Work

Knowing that 70% of all transformational change programs fail, I teach emerging communications leaders a change framework that beats the odds. With 30+ years of experience helping communications pros and companies grow and thrive, attendees gain insights into how to better handle change communications using my proprietary 4Cs Change Framework in a variety of business scenarios noted below. Talks can be tailored for students, junior, mid-career, and senior communicators. Attendees come away learning how to better lead through complex change projects, create more effective communications programs that make the transformation work for their clients, and apply behaviors that can help them advance in their careers and lives. 

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures
  • Site Closures/Consolidations/Moves
  • Leadership Communications
  • Leadership Communications
  • Employee and Community Engagement
  • Communications Research
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access
  • Crisis Communications
  • Program Communications

Recent Talks & Testimonials

TCB Internal Communications Councils Meeting, February 2024

“Mary Lou gave a really terrific presentation. On target and so relevant for our audience.”  Danielle Badler, Program Director, The Conference Board

Calwell University Communications Studies Class, November 2023

“Mary Lou did a really great job engaging the students. She brought them hopeful and practical information.” – Colette Liddy, Adjunct Professor and Director, News and Media Relations, Caldwell University

Sabre Corporation, Product Development Virtual Lunch/Learn, July 2023

“Wonderful job sharing how the 4C’s can be applied at work and to real world situations. It was motivating and practical.” – Lucia Huonker, Principal Scrum Master, Sabre Corporation

“You are guaranteed to learn, laugh and make an impact using her approach.” – Alex Borchard, Director of Internal Communications, Daiichi Sankyo Inc.

NJ Women Communicators Networking Event, June 2023

rf.engage Company Meeting, May 2023

“For sure a highlight from the day! I was engaged, and Mary Lou brought about a paradigm shift in how we’ll communicate. SHE ROCKS!” Amanda Feliu, Group VP, Communications, rf.engage, A Ruder Finn Company

I help emerging leaders make change work so they can prosper in their careers and life.

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