Client Testimonials

“I benefited by your leadership and very strong commitment to development. You created an environment for me to excel, succeed and push boundaries. In my mind, there could be nothing greater than that in the workplace.”

– Lisa N., New Jersey, USA

“You helped me so much, you listened, and your insights and advice were always well thought out and to the point. You inspire everyone around you to be more.”

– Derin D., New Jersey USA

“You’ll never know how grateful I am for your tremendous support, empowerment, and friendship. I’ve learned so much from you. You are a role model for authentic and caring leadership and an inspiration for me and so many more.”

– Sven T., Leverkusen, Germany

“Thank you for the camaraderie, compassion and common sense you’ve brought to your work and our work together.  You’ve inspired me, and you likely have no idea how much I’ve learned from you.”

– Steve G. New Hampshire, USA

“Thank you for giving me opportunities to step out of my comfort zone to grow and learn – even when I didn’t want to! You helped me shift my mindset from “why me?” to “why NOT me?” and that will continue to benefit me in all that I do. I got to learn so much just by observing you. You embody leadership qualities that we all strive for.”

– Alexandra B., New Jersey, USA

“Your creativity and intelligence have pushed me to be better and have helped all of SPI Group in so many ways.”

– James K., New Jersey, USA

“You took a chance on me and gave me an opportunity. I gained so much great experience, training and best of all a team who I consider to be my friends and allies. I can’t that you enough for that and for the support you provided to help me grow and thrive.”

– Marquis J., Pennsylvania, USA

“Mary Lou gave a really terrific presentation. On target and so relevant for our audience.”

Danielle Badler, Program Director, The Conference Board